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MeetingSense Data Security

MeetingSense - Meeting Software, Meeting Minutes Software for easily capturing meeting minutes and tracking action items.MeetingSense 3.0 Meeting Software
Make Your Meetings Count

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Make Your Meetings Count

MeetingSense is easy to use meeting productivity software that lets teams capture, track, and then collaboratively manage meeting information and action items online. Integration with Microsoft Outlook adds instant structure and best practices to help optimize meeting scheduling and preparation. At meeting time, use MeetingSense Capture to efficiently record all meeting aspects, and then instantly distribute those notes and action items via email... or publish it all online. Team meeting productivity is now a reality, it's time to start making your meetings work for you!

How MeetingSense Works

Get Up & Running In Seconds! - MeetingSense Capture®, MeetingSense's capture and publishing tool, installs and integrates into your Outlook Calendar in seconds without any IT burden. Then easily schedule, prepare, or start MeetingSense meetings directly from your Outlook calendar... no training needed! To collaboratively track and manage published meeting and action item information, simply login to your shared online MeetingSense dashboard using any web browser.

Schedule, Prepare & Start Your Meetings Directly from Outlook - To start using MeetingSense, schedule and then prepare or start MeetingSense meetings directly from your Outlook calendar. Right-click on an available meeting time and select New MeetingSense Meeting to schedule a new meeting. To Prepare or Start MeetingSense Meetings, right-click previously scheduled meeting requests and select Prepare or Start MeetingSense Meeting. MeetingSense Capture will automatically import participants, files, and the agenda to get you started.

During Your Meetings - Capture Everything - MeetingSense Capture is the single, intuitive application for easily capturing all of the information and action items shared during your meetings. MeetingSense Capture seamlessly replaces cumbersome traditional note taking tools (like Microsoft Word) to help you efficiently chronicle every aspect of your meetings. Quickly and easily capture every aspect of your meetings, including:

  • Roll call
  • Action items
  • Audio
  • Key points & decisions
  • Agendas
  • Document sharing
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Much, much more...

When Your Meetings End - Distribute Your Meeting Information - Instantly send all of your captured meeting information via a comprehensive, organized HTML email summary before people even get back to their desks! The meeting record containing all of your captured information can also be published online to facilitate real-time team collaboration, or can be kept private for editing until you are ready to share with others.

Instant, Anytime Access to Your Shared Meeting Information - Sign in to your online MeetingSense Dashboard via any browser to track action items, manage meeting information and files, and collaborate with team members in real-time. Pre and post meeting collaboration ensures that constantly evolving meeting and action item data is maintained in a single, intuitive shared online repository to enable complete information transparency and optimized team productivity.

MeetingSense Data SecurityAbsolute Data Security Is Core To What We Do!

The data center housing your meeting information has been singled out by VISA® as an example of "best practices" for data center security and operations. The data center meets the toughest industry standards for - PCI, SOX, HIPAA, ISO, COBIT, COSO, SAS70 Type I & II certification. Your data is completely secure in a world-class, end-end managed storage facility.

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Organizational Benefits:

The Users:

Take back a full day of wasted time every week and gain complete control over project success.

  • Eliminate almost a full day of pre/post meeting clean up and management busywork every week
  • Gain total control over your meeting information and action item accountability cycles
  • Enhance collaboration to foster group deliverables and timeline buy-in - foster a team environment where stakeholders actively see team contributions.
  • Always look like the organized, professional manager - be the hero!

The Boss:

Get complete vision into any team's meeting effectiveness and accountability performance

  • Dramatically increase employee efficiency to optimize tight budgets in tight times
  • Help your team become much more productive while decreasing project cycle times
  • Gain complete transparency into your employees day-to-day performance
  • Increase team output while decreasing bottom line costs associated with inefficiencies

The IT Group:

MeetingSense offers absolute data security, does a better job of providing strict governance and auditability, and does it all more affordably without infrastructure management nightmares.

  • Dramatically decrease enterprise email and storage system burden
  • Fast, easy industry standard out-of-the-box installation and deployment
  • Data security with SaaS70 I &II, HIPAA, PCI certification without infrastructure management
  • MeetingSense technology minimizes total cost of ownership and maximizes ease-of-deployment

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The Organization:

Maximize organizational efficiency to decreasing employee waste, optimize operational costs, increase project success, and instantly eliminate compliance risk.

  • Save $15,000 a year per employee in wasted time/effort to streamline organizational efficiency
  • Save millions of lost man hours by increases employee effectiveness and accountability
  • Ensure regulatory and legal compliance - Get complete transparency/access to critical information

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MeetingSense 3.0 System Requirements:

Looking to implement MeetingSense across your organization? Give IT total piece of mind with this comprehensive IT Datasheet. The datasheet has all of the information that they will ever need to know about how MeetingSense will effect IT.

  • Microsoft® Windows® XP SP2, or Microsoft® Windows® Vista
  • Microsoft® Outlook 2003 SP2 or later, including support for Microsoft® Outlook 2007
  • Microsoft Exchange accounts only
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or later (included)
  • Microsoft Web Services Enhancements (WSE) 3.0 (included)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
  • Windows Media Encoder 9.0 or later (included)
  • 800MHz Intel P3 processor (or equivalent) and later\
  • 512MB RAM recommended
  • 60MB free disk space

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