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MeetingSense Customers

At MeetingSense Software, customers are the number one priority. MeetingSense provides software to a broad spectrum of clients in a wide variety of industries. MeetingSense customers range from small start-ups to F500 giants. Read what some customers have said about MeetingSense below.

A Few Customer Testimonials

Hewlett-Packard Company "MeetingSense is a very cool meeting productivity product. My team and I love using it!"

Chuck Fugee | Software Presales Manager
Hewlett-Packard Company

Home Depot “Using MeetingSense at Home Depot has brought organization and structure to our meetings. Generating meeting minutes and action items has gone from hours and days to just minutes after the meeting ends. MeetingSense helps me stand out in front of the pack.”

Tony Abruzzo | Senior Developer, Strategic Initiatives
Home Depot

LSI, Inc. "MeetingSense has given LSI a competitive edge through optimized organization and distribution of critical meeting data and action items. This ensures very effective team communication and helps us to drive successful and timely program launches."

Jackie Green | Sr. Engineering Program Manager
LSI, Inc.

BFG Technologies, Inc. “From the very first meeting, it was clear to everyone that MeetingSense was a far better solution,” says Brady. “We didn’t have any standard method for managing meeting minutes and tracking action items. MeetingSense brought structure to a process that had been chaotic, and that’s been huge for us.”

Dean Brady | Sr. Director of Marketing
BFG Technologies, Inc.

BlueLock, LLC. "MeetingSense has clearly made a big difference in my meeting preparation and follow up, as well as my action item management. Not only has my staff noticed, but external communication with prospects and vendors have been very positively impacted. Truly, MeetingSense takes the perception of being organized and makes it a reality. I was up in running in minutes and haven't looked back since."

John Qualls | President & CEO
BlueLock, LLC.

WageWorks, Inc. "MeetingSense improved our group’s meeting efficiency almost instantly. After our very first MeetingSense meeting all 10 attendees asked how I was able to summarize and send all of the meeting information out before they got back to their desks. MeetingSense always makes my group look like stars."

Ryan Hunter | Director of IT Operations
WageWorks, Inc.

CoreObjects, Inc. "MeetingSense is an invaluable solution in our heavily distributed development environment where crisp, consistent meeting information management is ultra critical to our success."

Doug Gold | CFO
CoreObjects, Inc.

Essential Compliance, Inc. "MeetingSense not only offers Essential Compliance and our clients heavy time savings, but it also ensures that our meeting information is archived and managed properly. Our productivity has increased dramatically since we began using MeetingSense for all of our meetings."

Patrick Ravenel | Principal
Essential Compliance, Inc.

SkillStorm, Inc. "Because we've grown so fast as a company, the proper management of the information that's shared in most of our meetings is essential for us to maintain focus and increase productivity. MeetingSense has been the cornerstone of helping us to establish true meeting productivity and decision making efficiency."

Hany Girgis | CEO
SkillStorm, Inc.

James Nolan Law Offices “As an immigration attorney, capturing and tracking the information shared during client meetings in a timely manner is absolutely critical to the success of my practice. MeetingSense is the perfect tool to enable me to capture and manage this information quickly and efficiently.”

James Nolan | Principal
James Nolan Law Offices

SiliconSpace, Inc. "MeetingSense has had an immediate impact on our core business productivity. Every one of our Product Managers is, or will, use MeetingSense to capture and manage their meeting information."

Russell Mann | CEO
SiliconSpace, Inc.

Fish & Richardson, PC. "As an attorney, it's vital that I capture information and deliverables shared during client meetings. I used to unsuccessfully try to capture and track this information using a legal pad and sticky notes. Now that I use MeetingSense I easily capture and manage this information, which means no more dropped filings or deadlines... and no more lost billable hours."

Fred Hernandez | Partner
Fish & Richardson, PC.

Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospitals "MeetingSense is the perfect meeting productivity tool, and it's so easy to use that I actually look forward to scheduling and having meetings now. Using MeetingSense is going to help lighten our workload and make our lives easier."

Sherri Patterson | Medical Staff Services
Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospitals